The Ogun State Security Trust Fund was established under the Ogun State Security Trust Fund Law of 2011 as amended by the Ogun State Security Trust Fund (Amendment) Law of 2019.

The objectives of the fund are:

A. to provide money for the acquisition and deployment of security equipment and such human, material and financial resources as shall be necessary to prevent crime and preserve crime and preserve public security

B. to promote the efficiency of all the security agencies in the state

C. to hold for the benefit of all residents of the state, gifts, property and money

D. to acquire and deploy security equipment and such other resources as shall be necessary for achieving the objectives of the Fund

E. to reserve part of the Fund for the training and retraining of security personnel in the state

The functions of the Security Trust Fund Board include management of the Fund; procurement and maintenance of equipment; protecting assets of the Fund through insurance; advising the governor on activities of federal, state and local government security, para-military and law enforcement agencies; sharing information on security with relevant security agencies; investment of part of the Fund “on commercial interest rate in any reputable bank in Nigeria…”; raising money for the fund through voluntary subscriptions and donations; and “regulate the activities of the private security agencies”



…a safe, secure and prosperous gateway state

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…mobilising stakeholders and harnessing resources for safety, security and prosperity